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Listing Bits Episode 60: A Next-Level MLS Collaboration – with Matt Consalvo, Chris Carrillo & Brad Bjelke of MLS Aligned

Who’s ready to get geeky about MLS?

Collaborations among MLS organizations are usually about sharing data. But MLS Aligned takes collaboration to another level, promoting dialogue among their in-house technology teams and putting the tech tools they have developed to work in each other’s markets.

Matt Consalvo is the CEO at Arizona Regional MLS, Chris Carrillo is the CEO of Wisconsin’s Metro MLS, and Brad Bjelke is the CEO at UtahRealEstate.com. Together, with a few other MLS organizations are principles at MLS Aligned, a collaboration of five forward-thinking MLS organizations that are coming together to change the industry. 

On this episode of Listing Bits, Matt, Chris, and Brad share the MLS Aligned origin story and discuss how their in-house tech teams benefit from the ability to share best practices. They introduce us to the MLS Aligned API, describing how it is designed to follow RESO standards while providing additional fields and features for vendors, brokers, and other MLSs. Listen in to understand how MLS Aligned might support smaller MLSs with fewer resources and learn about the organization’s mission to provide high-quality products with a local focus.


 How MLS Aligned grew out of a conversation among MLS CEOs and CTOs

How the tech teams of MLS Aligned members benefit from the ability to share best practices

Examples of MLS Aligned collaborations where tech has been plugged into other markets

The Market Initiative partnership between ARMLS and Metro MLS

Why the MLS Aligned API is designed to avoid data replication

How the MLS Aligned API follows RESO standards while providing additional fields + features

How vendors are using the MLS Aligned API

How MLSs might collaborate to adapt to moving trends prompted by the pandemic

What differentiates MLS Aligned from other MLS collaborations (e.g.: MLS Grid, MLS Roundtable, etc.)

–Collaboration among MLSs with in-house technology teams

–Mission to deliver a high-quality product with a local focus

How MLS Aligned might serve as a lifeboat for smaller MLSs with fewer resources

The focus on inclusivity at MLS Aligned

Why the principals at MLS Aligned are committed to building success before they start selling



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MLS Grid

Jim Harrison

ARMLS & Metro MLS Market Initiative

The Marquette Airbnb Study of Milwaukee STRs

Sam DeBord at RESO


MLS Roundtable

Kurt von Wasmuth

Dave Wetzel

Connect with Matt, Chris & Brad: 

MLS Aligned

Email info [at] mlsaligned [dot] com


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