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Listing Bits Episode 61: Take the Stress Out of Moving – with John Heithaus of OK Move Me

The five most stressful life events include the death of a loved one, divorce, major illness or injury, job loss, and moving. But a new proptech platform is working to take relocation off the list with a tool that makes the experience of moving less stressful, less expensive, and more efficient. 

John Heithaus is a serial entrepreneur and venture investor with 30-plus years of experience in strategic marketing, corporate strategy, and product development. He has co-founded or served as a founding executive of four real estate startups, generating nearly $100M in successful exits. One of John’s current projects is OK Move Me, a proptech tool that offers consumers a one-stop resource for planning, moving and settling into a new place.

On this episode of Listing Bits, John explains how OK Move Me works, walking us through the four phases of the moving process and describing the site’s interactive task lists for each. He discusses how the vendors promoted on the platform are vetted and share what the team is doing to provide an outstanding customer experience. Listen in for insight into how OK Move Me generates revenue and find out why the site is looking to partner with traditional real estate agents and brokers.

What’s Discussed: 

John’s unique background in real estate, proptech investing and the music business

What inspired John’s return to building an online marketplace for moving + relocation services

OK Move Me’s four phases of the moving process and associated interactive task lists




–Settling in

How OK Move Me serves as a referral organization rather than a direct service provider

OK Move Me’s affiliate agreements with vendors on the site

What makes OK Move Me users a coveted cohort

How OK Move Me vendors are vetted and held to a high standard

The potential for OK Move Me to partner with traditional real estate agents and brokers

How OK Move Me is promoting the site through social media ads and content marketing

OK Move Me’s alliance with moving company brands that focus on customer experience

OK Move Me’s Reddit approach to procuring user feedback

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  1. Hey Greg,

    This was a great bit. Loved the musical prelude to the interview as well as the main theme. John is awesome with a nimble mind and a ton of great ideas. This new idea is really smart and glad you gave John the forum to talk about it.

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