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Zillow is a broker now. Just deal with it.

Zillow Offers Will Expand Services in 2021 to Simplify Customer Transactions

“Starting in January 2021, customers in Atlanta, Phoenix and Tucson who sell homes through Zillow Offers will work directly with trusted, licensed employees of Zillow Homes, a licensed brokerage entity. Zillow-owned homes in these markets will be listed for sale by licensed Zillow Homes employees. The company expects to expand these services to additional Zillow Offers markets later in 2021.”

Zillow is now Redfin

As part of streamlining its operations and services, Zillow is also simplifying the way it collects listing data, moving from thousands of disparate data feeds to MLS Internet Data Exchange (IDX) feeds, which are offered directly through MLSs to their members. These direct listing feeds will help Zillow’s goal of offering its 200 million unique monthly visitors the most up-to-date and comprehensive listing information possible.”

Zillow gets IDX feeds.

Now sure if this will be just for the 3 markets they talked about or all markets. My guess is that Zillow already has broker licenses in all 50 states.

These additional services are expected to expand opportunities for buyers, sellers and agents. Zillow Homes will be the brokerage of record for Zillow Offers transactions. All Zillow-owned homes will be listed in MLSs, with commissions paid to agents representing buyers. The company will also continue to invest in and expand its Premier Agent business and partnerships, including connecting other interested buyers and sellers to Zillow Premier Agents, which is expected to be the preference of the majority of Zillow’s customers.

Zillow will play nice…for now.

I know the industry is going to have a collective shit-storm over this, with accusations of ” Zillow said they would never become a broker!” bullshit.

Can’t we all just get over this? The biggest news I see here is Zillow, with all their APIs, machine learning, artificial intelligence, site visitors, and algorithms woke up and realized when it comes to buying and selling a home….you need a human being to get it done. That’s a win.

  1. Just having a human being involved isn’t enough.

    Consumers don’t buy and sell often enough to be experts. They need – and deserve – quality advice and guidance.

    But because the industry doesn’t insist on providing services that are any better than Zillow/Redfin (or educate consumers on the differences) real estate will keep dumbing down to simple order-taking.

    It’s our own fault we’re being eliminated.

    Hope we don’t have a market slump!

  2. I predict riots and looting Realtor style – loud discussions at Starbucks and taking extra coffee stir sticks. The answer to Zillow has always been competition, and there will always be competition.

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