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MLS PIN rebrands, launches new website

New England MLS rebrands as ‘wicked smart’

Kathy Condon

“And while other companies may change their name as they rebrand, MLS PIN is so well-known throughout New England and the nation, by preserving our name we keep the confidence, trust, reputation and heritage we have built,” Condon continued. “Our new and innovative rebrand better reflects who we are by showcasing our culture and our ‘get the job done right’ attitude while also delivering a better technology and service experience.”

The new logo is distinctive, and it’s smart (maybe even wicked smart) they kept their name.

Melissa Lindberg

“Our people make us a different kind of technology company. With the rebranding, you can say ‘we are coming out of our shell,’” Lindberg said in a statement.
The new website underscores the MLS’s philosophy: “Wicked excellent service, accurate data, an MLS that listens, personalized care and a focus on community.”

I’m a sucker for this kind of cheeky fun with marketing. We need more fun in our lives right now.

I also like their product pages. For instance, the Cloud CMA product page is easily accessible from the main homepage, a simple layout, and leverages all the video training content that W+R Studios put together for Cloud CMA. I’d like to see more MLS organizations leverage the content their vendors create.

  1. Totally agree Greg – love the new look, love that MLS PIN kept their name and I also agree that it would be great if MLSs would leverage the marketing materials provided to them more. Tech partners want to help MLSs gain adoption and engagement with their tools. I believe we can all find better ways to partner together to help MLS customers get the most out of the technologies their MLS offers. We see in the customer satisfaction surveys that we field for MLSs all over the country that awareness and adoption levels are not as high as they could be.

  2. Wicked Smart is an excellent tag line for this team. Melissa Lindberg and her team did an excellent job on this project. It is great to see these stars of the MLS industry get the recognition they deserve for their tireless pursuit of excellence.

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