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UtahRealEstate.com gaining traction in data distribution using RESO standards

UtahRealEstate.com is Leading the MLS Industry in Data Distribution Technology

“In late 2019, URE’s API was finalized by its technical team and the entire MLS database became fully distributable to any vendor or broker that meets URE’s licensing agreement terms. In July of 2020, URE notified all of its vendors (from small local website companies to the largest national vendors) that January of 2021 would be the sunset of all data distribution methods, except for the new API. After that notification, more than 30% of URE’s vendors have converted to the new API, and feeds of every type and kind are flowing through the new technology. Using easy to follow documentation and standardized technology configuration, any licensed vendor can now enter the Utah real estate market and receive a feed of MLS data that is easy to work with, allowing for accelerated innovation in real estate services and tools.”

Sunsetting old data distribution methods is an aggressive move but necessary if they want to see any traction. I’ll quote what I said in the release.

“The path toward adopting new standards is never easy, but we’re happy to partner with UtahRealEstate.com to move the needle forward.”

Great leadership from Brad and his team at UtahRealEstate.com.

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