Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

#ICYMI Friday 10.9.20


I’m loving RESO’s new album cover campaign, promoting the upcoming RESO REMOTE. But I think someone forgot to tell realtor.com to remove the hidden messaging in The Beastie Boys, Licenced to Ill Album. The tail number is “3MTA3”, which backward reads EAT ME.

While nothing can come close to seeing everyone in person there were some pretty special moments at the virtual CMLS 2020 conference this year. Big thanks to Denee and all the volunteers for making this happen. #cmls2020

Speaking of CMLS, Dave Howe will have to big shoes to fill after the tremendous job Brad Bjelke has done as CMLS chair. Brad is also taking a hard line on standards.

The real estate market is hot! To see how hot check out the new website ClimateCheck.com launched by a familiar name, if you happen to recognize the name “Inman”, you’ll see it twice.

Looks like someone showed Gary Keller a spreadsheet of what he would be worth if he took Keller Williams public.

It seems everyday 2020 outdoes itself. But this news hit me harder than I thought it would. I could probably still draw you a good Van Halen logo even today for as many times as I sketched in on my Pee Chee folder back in the day.

Click here to find the book that generated this review:

“My wife and I both read the book and it really gives practical advice and actions one can take. Read it soon before everyone else does!”

Don’t forget to tip your bartenders and waitresses.

I miss seeing all of you. Take care of each other and have a great weekend.

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