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Pro Tip: eWebinar

I’ve been a big proponent of the use of video in business for a while now. At W+R Studios we practice what we preach. We have made big investments in people (we have a dedicated video producer) and gear to shoot great video for product training, marketing, and sometimes just for fun.

We have also done a lot of live webinars, mostly for training and marketing purposes.

I know many MLS organizations that provide both video tutorials and live training webinars. Brokers too.

The problem with live webinars is you are stuck always giving the same content. Same thing with sales demos. And sometimes the presenter is having a good day, sometimes not. Also, technical problems…. “can you hear me?”

Enter eWebinar. Check out the video below.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, THIS SERVICE/PRODUCT. You can record the perfect sales demo/onboarding session and promote it like a webinar, complete with real-time interactions (polls/links/CTAs). No flubs, no technical issues, and no time wasted on doing the same demo/training over and over again. Productivity through the roof!! This will at least double your trainer’s productivity.

After you understand the concept, you really question why you would do “live” webinars ever again.

Also, you might recognize the woman in the video, she’s Melissa Kwan, co-founder of Spacio. Homespotter acquired Spaci.io in early 2019. Melissa started this company because she wanted to scratch her own itch. She hated spending time doing the same presentation over and over again. She wanted all that time back. You can read about Melissa’s journey here.

Just like with Spacio Melissa and her team have done a great job on the design. The interface is super easy to use, you can customize the look and feel of the landing pages. It just works.

Here are a few links to show how people are using it.

Demo and training: Spacio’s new features for capturing qualified leads from any event

How To Properly & Quickly Capture Any Building Using DocuSketchâ„¢

7 Secrets to a Winning Virtual Listing Presentation

RateMyAgent Virtual Training

Now imagine recording the perfect onboarding session for Matrix, Flexmls, Paragon, or ShowingTime once. Then just post it. If anyone watching the video has questions they will immediately appear in your trainer/support person inbox and they can answer them live.

Do yourself a favor and sign up and make one video and put it out there. Or better yet, watch eWebinar’s own 15-minute eWebinar. You might never go back.

Click this link to find out more and sign up free for 30 days ======> eWebinar

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