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Lone Wolf gets new investor

Jimmy Kelly, CEO of Lone Wolf

Vista Equity Partners sells stake in Lone Wolf

“For Lone Wolf, the new investment partner comes at a time when many of the industry’s heavyweights are bringing the development of technology for agents and brokerages in-house. Companies including Keller Williams, RE/MAX, Realogy and Compass are launching their own CRMs and transaction management solutions.
But despite the prevalence of that trend, Kelly doesn’t exactly see these well-funded industry giants at competitors. Rather, he sees them as partners.

Lone Wolf isn’t necessarily trying to be the end-to-end platform for those companies, rather individual pieces of technology that can be integrated into their own platforms.

Lone Wolf, however, can be the end-to-end platform for brokerages that aren’t focusing on developing their own technology.

Kelly also praised the long-term vision of his company’s new investor, telling Inman that Stone Point Capital is aligned with Lone Wolf’s vision of being an industry partner, rather than a disruptor.”


  1. It would be nice if as Lone Wolf continues to acquire companies they focus on their customer service. It has proven to be less than satisfactory.

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