Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

The Glorious R.O.B.

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day for REALTORS in the New York Senate

“So posts like this must get written, because somebody has to alert the industry as to what is going on. Somehow, I get to be that guy, that voice in the wilderness sometimes. So be it. I am not a media company, this labor of love costs me money, and it takes time to put some of this content together. If that’s how I can serve the industry best, then I’m happy to do it… even if the topic and what I actually have to say about it is… unpleasant, and I wish I didn’t have to say them.

Here we go then.”

If you haven’t already you need to go read, watch and listen to this post now. And then share it…widely.

This is Rob Hahn at his best. Having lived in Long Island gives Rob a personal edge to his writing. He has done a great job of breaking out the video testimony into digestible bites and including his own commentary.

Rob is holding up a mirror to the entire industry and it’s not a pretty picture. You would hope these practices were a thing of the past, but sadly they are not.

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