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NAR apologizes

NAR President Charlie Oppler Apologizes for Past Policies that Contributed to Racial Inequality

“What Realtors® did was an outrage to our morals and our ideals. It was a betrayal of our commitment to fairness and equality. I’m here today, as the President of the National Association of Realtors®, to say that we were wrong,” Oppler said. “We can’t go back to fix the mistakes of the past, but we can look at this problem squarely in the eye. And, on behalf of our industry, we can say that what Realtors® did was shameful, and we are sorry.”

A symbolic, but an inspiring move by the National Association of REALTORS.

Simply put; Without recognition, there can be no reconciliation.


  1. You should. see some of the comments on the RISMedia post about this. They are calling for the NAR President’s head, and his resignation. So many people are clueless about the past history… and in complete denial.

  2. Great to see NAR take this step forward. If this lacks immediate follow up, it will be judged as symbolic, but the tone of the message sounds like they are ready to take meaningful action. Referring to the past as an outrage and a betrayal, sounds like they are all in. And with leadership from Charlie and Bryan Greene, aided by volunteer leaders like Matt Difanis, the right people are driving this effort.

  3. Just read the remarks at RisMedia reference NAR President Oppler. It is obvious the insulated, entitled and/or ignorant commenters have not faced racism in the real estate industry. I am not that fortunate and literally have received racist treatment from both from Realtors and clients. I can confidently say after 43 years full-time, in this industry, racism is alive and well as much today as it was when I got in the business. The Long Island New York story is repeated every day throughout these United States. The denial, hatred and outright ignorance prevails and it will be generations unfortunately before the majority actually get it and choose to make a difference.

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