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Vendor Alley Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

It’s been a crazy year and this year’s list reflects it. Here are some of my favorites to help you get used to the new normal.

Color of Law by Richard Rothstein

I think I may have been late to the party with this book. I have to admit it took me longer than usual to finish, due to the amount of frustration I felt after reading every…single… page. Must read for anyone in organized real estate.

Rode NT-USB Mini USB

Here’s the deal, communicating effectively is key to having any sort of success in work and life. You may have the best idea, pitch, story but if people can’t hear you, then it dosen’t matter. So if you are going to spend any money improving your work from home gear I would suggest a good mic. I’m a big fan of RODE products and this is a perfect starter mic.


Okay, so you want to take it to the next level? Communication is also visual. So proper camera placement and lighting are key. This broadcasting kit from Lumecube is perfect for any desk situation.

Green Screen

Are you doing a lot of training videos or want to to show off some corporate branding in the backgroud? Nothing beats having a green screen. I installed a pull down screen in my home office. Zoom does a decent job without one, but with a proper green screen set up you get crisp lines and background images pop.

One-Mile Slipper

Ditch the bunny slippers and go WFH chic. The One-Mile slippers from Mack Weldon are super comfortable, and instantly upgrade any quarantine pantswear. Only problem is they sell out quickly.

iPhone 12 Mini

I’m so over carrying a slab of subway tile in my pants pocket. The iPhone 12 Mini is a perfect size and dosen’t skimp on the features.


If you actually have to leave the house protect yourself and others by wearing a mask. The Spacemask is the most comfortable I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot). It has become part of my EDC kit. Get a six pack. They are a bit pricey but worth it.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

  1. Today is crazy busy and now I find myself completely stopping all of my priority work to take a look at the shopping list. How cool is all of this! Thank you Greg!

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