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Cloud CMA Live makes Inman News’ top RE Tech products of 2020

9 new real estate technology products that lit up 2020

W+R Studios’ was acquired by Lone Wolf a few weeks ago, but expect its inventive tech to remain a featured tool in real estate offices around the country. Cloud CMA Live took the company’s popular market analysis solution and made it “shareable” via live web broadcast.

The CMA creation process that current customers are familiar with remains intact, but the new iteration includes “View Live,” an embedded launchpad for Zoom or Skype to present it in real-time in a one-on-one video format.

As a color football analyst diagrams a successful end-around, the new telestrator tool can vibrantly mark up the presentation to indicate streets, highlight map points of interest or better illustrate differing home features.”

Many thanks to Craig Rowe for the inclusion on his list. Congrats to the W+R team, they knocked it out of the park with this launch.

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