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CoStar acquires “houses.com” domain name

CoStar Group Announces Acquisition of Houses.com URL

“With the acquisition of the Houses.com domain name, CoStar Group plans to develop a vibrant national marketplace for agents and owners to successfully sell homes without disenfranchising or disintermediating valuable real estate agents in the process”

Apartments.com and Houses.com sound like they go together. Well done!

I’m curious where they are going to get the listing data to populate this site? Homesnap? BPP? Also, the “and owners” part of the quote above is interesting, does that mean the co-mingling of FSBOs and (I’m assuming here) MLS listings?

I’m not familiar enough with all of CoStar’s online sites to understand the differences between Apartments.com vs. ForRent.com vs. ApartmentFinder.com (all CoStar online properties). Is this a Zillow and Trulia type of thing? Regional?

One thing it does tell me, they aren’t done shopping yet.

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