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RIP Freddy

by Greg Robertson on January 13th, 2021
Freddy Sarabia

I don’t have the words right now. Freddy was such a gentle and kind person. So damn sad. If I hear anything from the family I’ll post it here. #FUCKCOVID

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  1. John Holley permalink

    I’m so sad to her this news. I check FB every day to see if there is an update on his condition. FUCK this Covid 19 stuff. It is starting to hit too close to home.

  2. Cathy Libby permalink

    I am heartbroken by this news. Freddy was such a kind and caring person. A great loss for sure …

  3. Rosemary Scardina permalink

    There are no words.

    Freddy was a very special person, welcoming to all, and if you were lucky enough to know him you a very lucky person.

  4. This breaks my heart.

  5. Stephanie Hill permalink

    I am so saddened by this was hoping and praying he could pull through. Take care of yourselves and yes F*** Covid

  6. Scott Quinn permalink

    I too am deeply sadden to hear this news. Freddy was such a nice guy. RIP ole friend.

  7. Damn! Not the news I was praying for… Rest In Paradise Freddy.

  8. Greg Manship permalink

    I’m so saddened to hear this. Nicest guy, always willing to help. I’ll remember the great times we had at conferences and user groups. RIP Freddy.

  9. Paul Kriewall permalink

    Just awful news.

  10. Freddy was great to everyone. He truly cared about the real estate agents he served and the industry partners he worked closely with. This is a huge loss.

  11. Robert Overman permalink

    I’ve known Freddy for 15 years and he has ben one of the most genuine and sweet people in the industry. He leaves a massive hole behind. <3

  12. Rob Wagoner permalink

    So sad. As many have mentioned, he was one of the most open, honest, genuine people I have met. Prayers to his family. Huge loss to them, the world, and the industry.

  13. Philip Tedesco permalink

    RIP my friend…very sad day-

  14. Brian Young permalink

    Such a great person in so many ways. RIP Freddy. You will be deeply missed.

  15. Trent Gardner permalink

    This is heartbreaking.

  16. Dana Bennett permalink

    This is heartbreaking – RIP dear friend.

  17. Tim Ford permalink

    Sad to hear about Freddy’s passing, who is well-liked by many and will be missed dearly. He is one who always brought creativity and innovation to a conversation. RIP Freddy

  18. Connie Spillner permalink

    This is heartbreaking to see. Worked with him while he was at REBNY. Rest in peace, Freddy. You will be missed.

  19. Jack Best permalink

    Too Sad. He was wanting to move to Western Arizona for many years. He did not stay long enough to enjoy it. RIP, Freddy, my Friend.

  20. Kerry Melcher permalink

    I’m so sorry to read this. Rest in peace.

  21. Denny Singh permalink

    I’m devastated to hear this news. Freddy was a stand up guy, with stand up character. Rest In Peace my friend, wishing your family, and close friends peace, love & light! ????????❤️

  22. Ellen Montemurno permalink

    Freddy was always one of the friendly faces I sought out at conferences. So sad to hear and sending condolences to his family and loved ones.

  23. RIP indeed.

  24. Joshua Vosper permalink

    I too am saddened to see this news. RIP Freddy.

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