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WAV Group launches Real Estate M&A advisory group

George Slusser

George Slusser to Head New Real Estate M&A Advisory Division at WAV Group

“George Slusser, one of the real estate industry’s most experienced and well-known valuation experts, will join WAV Group to head its new Mergers and Acquisition Advisory Division.

“George literally wrote the book on real estate M&As,” WAV Group Managing Partner Victor Lund said. Slusser authored the industry best-selling book, Acquiring Profit, which created the foundation for today’s modern M&A industry for U.S. real estate brokerages. “We can honestly say that no one will offer brokers better M&A advice than WAV Group with George on board.

With all the consolidation in the industry it seems like a smart move for brokers to get a sense of what their operations are worth. I have to believe the valuations are pretty high right now.

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