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RE/MAX starts displaying buyer’s commission rate next to listings on their website

Nick Bailey, chief customer officer at RE/MAX in an interview from an Inman News story:

Nick Bailey

“And while other MLSs have followed suit in displaying the data publicly, RE/MAX publishing the data in its consumer-facing website and app in 65 markets is perhaps the largest single move to display the data yet.

Bailey was clear in conversation that displaying it or not was never RE/MAX’s decision. The international real estate franchisor just wanted to ensure when it inevitably becomes a requirement, the company was prepared, Bailey explained.”

Great leadership from Nick and RE/MAX on this issue.

One quibble, I would add an “i” information icon next to the rate, linking to some copy giving further context. But it’s a good start.

Also, from the story…

“Bailey, who is also a broker himself in addition to being a RE/MAX exec, believes displaying the buyers’ broker commission isn’t an overly monumental move, rather an evolution that has been happening for a number of years.”

He’s right, but more change is coming and RE/MAX is smart to start now so that everyone is prepared for the questions and challenges ahead.

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