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Well it seems Zillow’s recent move to acquire ShowingTime has motivated other vendors in to the space.

Trusted Real Estate Partner SentriLock Delivers SentriKey Showing ServiceTM, the Industry’s First Real Estate Experience Management Platform

More than a year ago, SentriLock and its volunteer board of directors, chaired by Bob Goldberg NAR CEO, observed the consolidation occurring in the showing service space. “Our board directed us to develop a solution to address the growing lack of choice in this technology sector, given the natural fit with our current lockbox business,” said Scott Fisher, Founder and CEO of SentriLock. “With recent industry acquisitions, this validates the decision that a trusted partner is needed more than ever to ensure REALTORS® have a choice in showing service solutions. We did this with great success in the lockbox space 18 years ago and look forward to extending this approach into showing services.”

This is a playbook SentriLock knows well. The “Trusted Real Estate Partner” vibe is a bit much though. I think we can all read between the lines.

And speaking of reading between the lines.

Homesnap Announces Development of Showing Management Tool

“Yesterday, news broke that Zillow has entered into an agreement to acquire ShowingTime. Real estate professionals use showing management tools every single day, and they trust that software with information about their clients.

First off, “Announces Development”? At least they are being honest it’s vaporware.

And then there’s this…

“At Homesnap, we believe that agents should have tools that protect that information and their client relationships. That is only possible when an independent vendor is providing that software — not a market participant like Zillow who is their competitor.”

An “independent vendor” owned by a public company worth over 35 Billion? Gimme a break. It seems apparent that HomeSnap vis-à-vis CoStar has gone all-in on using fear as their main marketing tactic. You do you do CoStar, you do you.

All this fear mongering reminds me of something I over heard.

“Agents raging on Facebook about the Zillow acquisition of ShowingTime are giving QAnon conspiracies theorists a run for their money.”

Then Morgan Carey of Real Estate Webmaster’s chimes in with, Build a showing time competitor? How hard can it be?

Pretty fucking hard Morgan. What Scott and Mike built isn’t easy, almost impossible.

Now I’m just waiting for Remine to issue their press release about some showings vaporware they are working on and the industry can collectively yell, “Bingo!”

Listen, I get it. During periods like this there is a ton of opportunity. That opportunity is going to turn in to competition, and that will yield better products. That’s capitalism. I love it.

But can we drop all the fronting? If you have done a better job solving the problem of handling real estate showings, let’s see it. Otherwise, shut up and get back to work.

  1. Greg,

    I have said it before; you are my spirit animal. You tell it like it is. That is not always popular (I know), but people know where they stand with you.

    Keep up the good work.

    And to Scott and Mike, thank you for all the years of forward-thinking products. You never over promised, but you always over-performed.

    They have always been men of their word, so I believe them when they say they “are committed to operating as an open platform for all agents, brokers, and MLSs. And, our privacy policies are not changing.”

  2. Hey Greg, thanks for the free press ????.

    Just so we’re clear, a showing solution isn’t currently on Remine’s roadmap so no announcement is forthcoming. In fact, after my arrival, we reviewed our entire roadmap, sunset a few non-essentials, and doubled down on our focus on our MLS 2.0 modules (Pro, SSO, Transaction Management, Add/Edit, Database, and API) all of which are live and in production (SSO is the only one in implementation for FMLS and Miami). It’s all real, and it’s all ready.

    Now back to the bingo game, don’t forget to dob your free spot!

  3. My bet is on TourZazz – https://www.tourzazz.ai – the company that blew people away at the Realogy Innovation Summit and the IoI summit –

    I would expect them to have rapid growth this year. Sometimes you get lucky – it may have been a slow slog for TourZazz to grow when Zilllow’s ShowingTime suffocated the market after their acquisition of CSS.

    There is significant anti-Zillow sentiment in the marketplace – which shines a nice light on TourZazz.

  4. Greg, you beat me to our latest Press Release:

    “LionDesk might announce that we’re going to think about developing a showing product.”

    Let’s face it, building great product ain’t easy, getting agent adoption is even harder and selling it for $500m is nearly impossible. So proud of Mike and Scott – they deserve the win after decades of hard work!

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