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The Official Vendor Alley Clubhouse Event

by Greg Robertson on March 9th, 2021

My first Clubhouse event was a big hit! Thank you to everyone who participated. I’m going to make this a recurring event, I’m calling the room, “Alley Cats”.

Every Tuesday at 3PM PT we will choose 1 topic and discuss it for 1 hour. It’s that simple. I will announce the topic ahead of time. If you want to make a topic suggestion, hit me up.

This week we discussed, what actually is an “active user”. We had a great conversation with MLS vendors, brokers, agents, and third-party vendors.

Don’t miss out. iPhone only for now and requires an invite. Let me know if you need one. Join us next week. See link below:

Alley Cats – Tuesday, March 16th.

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  1. Miguel Berger permalink

    Hey Greg, can you send me an invite? (518) 542-5586

  2. Brian Tepfer permalink

    Thank you for hosting this, Greg. I really enjoyed participating and hearing everyone’s perspective. This is definitely something that needs to be considered as we move forward as an industry.

    Looking forward to next week discussion.

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