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dynaConnections is hiring

Quality Assurance Engineer (Mid-Level)

“dynaConnections is looking for a talented Software Quality Assurance Engineer who will focus primarily on automated testing and may have an opportunity to manually exercise the code. The Quality Assurance Engineer will focus on test automation efforts across multiple projects and domains. The QA Engineer will work alongside other QA Engineers and developers to ensure we deliver the best products to customers.”

Software Developer (Mid-Level)

“As a Software Developer at dynaConnections, you will have an opportunity to significantly impact organizational growth and effectiveness by delivering dynaConnections’ best in class technology solutions. In this role, you will participate in all phases of the development and implementation of dynaConnections’ mission-critical software that includes research, design, development, testing, optimizing, and documentation, and work closely with cross-functional members of the organization to develop and evaluate solutions that improve operational performance and design of the overall system.”

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