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I just wanted to drop a plug for my book The Art of the CMA. It was always a goal of mine to write a book and I am super happy with the results. I had started this project thinking I would be speaking live and promoting book sales at these events. Then the pandemic changed everything. Luckily the sales have been steady and the reviews have been great…

Real Estate Agent Must Buy Book of The Year
This book has a surprising amount of useful information. The tactics are surprisingly actionable, which is really nice for a new real estate agent like myself, or for someone seasoned, or even if you aren’t in real estate but need business guidance, this book shows you some pretty great steps for ideas of generating business that covers more than the narrow scope it intended…

Best Actionable Real Estate Book I’ve Read
Read this in its entirety over two days. Quick read, very informative, and I highly recommend it. Not your usual (and typical) real estate book. I was already a huge fan of Cloud CMA and the positive impact it had on my business. I liked how it wasn’t just trying to sell you the CMA service the whole time…

Just Get It!
Fantastic! Is this a book just about CMAs? No, not by a long-shot. The Art of the CMA contains a wealth of real estate industry insight and guidance no matter your experience as a Realtor. The book is a blueprint on engagement with the lifeblood of an agent’s career – the consumer. “

If you are looking for something to give your board of directors, team members (quantity discounts are available), or the real estate agent in your life, look no further.

Another idea is that I can speak at your next online event. If you pre-order books you can send them to your attendees afterward. Just drop me a line if you are interested.

Plus, if you order from my website, I’ll personalize your copy and autograph each book.

Click Here To Order=> The Art of the CMA

  1. This is a great read! I strongly encourage my real estate friends to purchase. I ordered copies for Bright Directors and MRIS Investor Directors. And the author’s signature makes it that much more valuable! Great effort Greg!

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