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Bright MLS and T3 Sixty launch Home Demand Index

Bright MLS and T3 Sixty Launch Home Demand Index to Provide Real-Time Insight Into Homebuyer Demand

“The Bright T3 Home Demand Index is a key part of Bright MLS’s strategy to create a nimbler, more valuable MLS platform. Most existing housing indices track what has happened in the past; the Bright T3 Home Demand Index captures what is happening right now and, over time, helps paint a picture of buying activity into the future. This gives real estate professionals valuable real-time information that they can use to better price homes for their clients; in addition, consumers can access the information to analyze purchase opportunities. “

Very cool. Reminds me a bit of ShowingTime’s Showing Index and Buyside. Presenting the data as an index and adding a graphic is smart, it makes this information digestible.

I hope they make this information will be available via an API, which I always thought was a bummer about the Showing Index.

  1. The Index takes into account the listing lifecycle (when active, DOM, and when there is a deal) as well as activity from multiple sources once active. This differentiates the Index.

    I’m glad you liked the graphics! The team also gave the treatment to ZIP level (with maps) as well as Housing Types.

    Other forms of accessing the information are on the roadmap, but timeframes have not been announced.

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