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A Notorious take on the role of the MLS

A short video the Notorious R.O.B. created in response to my recent Listing Bits episode with Sam DeBord and Michael Wurzer (many thanks to all for sharing and the positive feedback we have been getting about the LEAP podcast episode).

I have to disagree with Rob’s take on limiting the MLS member’s value proposition to just “servicing the client” and leaving “acquiring the client” to some sort of neo-syndication play. The fundamental core value behind the MLS is “you help me sell your listings, and I’ll help you sell yours, and we will both get paid.” I believe the spirit of that contract always had customer acquisition in mind.

Whether you agree or not, I’m glad this subject is getting more attention. Check out the links below (which I stole from Rob’s YouTube channel) for more context (Michael is really killing it).

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