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realMLS joins Markt

realMLS to Acquire Shared Services from Markt Across Noncontiguous Markets realMLS joins, Metro MLS, and ARMLS in a shared vision of the MLS of the future

“Northeast Florida Multiple Listing Service, inc. (realMLS) has entered into an agreement with Markt® for shared services to enhance their MLS offerings. realMLS joins Metro Multiple Listing Service Inc. (Metro MLS®) and Arizona Regional Multiple Listing Service (ARMLS®) in the Markt® venture.

By working with Markt®, partnering MLSs can focus on serving subscribers and less time on duplicating efforts on professional services, infrastructure, and development. As with other Markt® partners, realMLS will choose the services that best meet their local market needs.”

What do you do when you want to go beyond just sharing best practices and collaboration but work on real-world solutions to better your member’s MLS experience and the MLS organizations closest to you don’t want to play? That’s exactly the situation Matt Consalvo, and Chris Carrillo (CEOs of ARMLS, AZ and MetroMLS in Milwaukee, WN respectively) found themselves in when they started Markt back in 2018.

“By working with Metro MLS, we can focus on serving subscribers and spend less time duplicating efforts on support, IT infrastructure, product development and more.” 

Both ARMLS and MetroMLS were flexMLS customers and saw a lot of other synergies. Today is was announced that Nicole Jensen, CEO of realMLS, which has 10,000 members and provides MLS services to REALTORS in Northeast Florida and parts of Alabama has joined Markt.

Arizona? Wisconsin? Florida? Why not! As the recent pandemic has shown, being in the same place doesn’t really matter any longer.

Sometimes you just need a little help from your friends, where ever they may be.

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