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Has the California Association of REALTORS cancelled Glide as a member benefit?

On a recent Facebook post agents are commenting on some sort of notice going out. You remember, Glide was recently acquired by Compass. Can anyone confirm?

  1. I don’t know the details of CAR’s reasoning for cutting Glide off to the members. CAR needs to suck it up and make a deal. Thankfully through, through CRMLS we still have Glide as a member benefit. Obviously unlike CAR, CRMLS realizes what valuable tool Glide has become to agents and has our back. Can’t say the for whiny little babies at CAR who picked up their ball, went home and left us high and dry. I got survey today from CRMLS about this very issue. I’m let gonna let them know how I feel about CAR. CAR, right between their crossed eyes.

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