Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

“Everybody is getting fucked and rich at the same time”

Crazy Twitter thread about real estate from Sally Elshorafa of Buzz Feed.

Nobody knows what a home is worth these days.

  1. Excuse me. Do I hear echos of 2008?

    Will this follow the familiar pattern that this craziness works until the latest foolish buyer who overpaid for a home, with hopes of selling for even more to another fool, discovers that he is the last fool?

    We know how this movie ends.

  2. I was helping an agent with a CMA the other day. Very unique property that was impossible to find comps for. I told him ‘I hate to say it, but in this market you could pick your price and someone will pay it’ Keep in mind everything I said to him was prefaced with, “I am not a Realtor so I can’t help you with how to price a property.”

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