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Lone Wolf announces leadership changes

Lone Wolf assembles dream team of real estate veterans, leaders, and innovators

“Lone Wolf Technologies (“Lone Wolf”), the North American leader in residential real estate technology, is excited to announce it has added several prominent real estate veterans, leaders, and innovators to the organization, including:

• Greg Robertson, co-founder and CEO of W+R Studios, author, and thought leader behind Vendor Alley, is now Lone Wolf’s General Manager, MLS & Franchisors
• Lisa Mihelcich, formerly COO of zipLogix, is now General Manager, Associations
• David Anderson, founder and CEO of LionDesk, is now General Manager, Agent & Teams
• Aaron Kardell, founder and CEO of HomeSpotter, is now Head of Product
• Sean Wheeler, formerly of RealPage, is now Chief Technology Officer

Combined, these new leaders bring over 75 years of industry experience to the organization, reinforcing the company’s deep commitment to real estate agents, brokers, MLSs, and associations and its vision to simplify real estate through a connected digital experience.”

When Dan and I started to look at Lone Wolf late last year we were surprised that we didn’t know a lot of people (besides Lisa) from the industry. Now I look around and we are stacked. I’m really stoked to work with Aaron and David especially. Being independent software companies for so long we all checked in with each other regularly on how our respective businesses were progressing. I may have even stolen a few ideas from both of them.

When people have asked me how it is working for “the man” now, I get a chuckle. From my perspective I asked myself three questions, “Am I being challenged?” – hell yes. “Am I learning anything new?” – every day. “Do I like the people I’m working with?” – that’s a solid yes too. We have a lot of work to do but I’m looking forward to working with such a great group of people.

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