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Cloud CMA is “In The Know®”

Are your clients in the know about the power of the MLS?

“To help inform and guide conversations around the MLS (that many agents and brokers are not equipped to answer), we’ve added some extra content that you can add to your Cloud CMA reports when presenting via Cloud CMA Live (one for buyer clients and one for seller clients). So, the next time you’re at a listing presentation, make sure to watch these videos with clients so you can help them understand the true value of the MLS! Just log into your account to get started.  “

I made a video about this new integration. I’ve always been a big proponent of putting every listing on the MLS.  I posted a ton of articles about how “exclusive” networks” and “finding the right buyers” can harm consumers and the industry.  I used the hashtag #putitonthemls to promote this message and even saw that hashtag show up on the cover of REALTOR Magazine.  In previous years CMLS has talked about how the MLS “Makes the Market Work”.  This was primarily a campaign to educated brokers, agents and the industry at large on how the MLS helps make the market work.  They created a lot of great content around this campaign in partnership with creative people at 1000watt.  A lot of MLS organizations used this content to share with their membership with great success.

Recently CMLS has formally launched its “In the Know®” campaign.  This time the focus is on the consumer and the value the MLS brings to them.  To me, this goes hand and hand with the idea of “put it on the MLS”.  Once again CMLS reached out to 1000watt to help them with this campaign.  And once again, after some research, they came up with some great content, including a great website with well-produced videos.  CMLS also asked vendors to help promote this content through their products.  To me, this was a perfect match for Cloud CMA, and our new Cloud CMA Live presentations.

I got a chance to talk to Katie Smithson, a CMLS board member, on my Listing Bits podcast, about the integration and the story behind how it came to be.

Took a little time to get this integration up and running but super happy on how it turned out.

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