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Listing Bits Episode 69: Educating Consumers on the MLS – with Katie Smithson

Ask the average consumer what they know about the MLS, and you’re likely to hear about their favorite Major League Soccer team. But CMLS wants to change that, and the organization is on a mission to educate the general public around the benefits of working with a real estate professional and listing a home on the MLS.

Katie Smithson is the Director of Enterprise Sales at Lone Wolf Technologies, and she serves on the Board of Directors for both the Council of Multiple Listing Services and Real Estate Standards Organization. On this episode of Listing Bits, Katie shares CMLS’s new In the Know Campaign, describing how the initiative seeks to convey the importance of the MLS to consumers.

Katie explains why CMLS partnered with 1000watt to develop assets for In the Know and how agents and brokers can use the campaign’s digital content to share the CMLS message with consumers. Listen in to understand how Lone Wolf is integrating In the Know content into Cloud CMA and find out how other vendors can get involved in educating consumers on the value of the MLS.

What’s Discussed:  

How CMLS’s Making the Market Work Campaign communicated the value of the MLS to its members

CMLS’s partnership with 1000watt to develop assets for the new In the Know Campaign

How the In the Know Campaign conveys the importance of the MLS to consumers

Why In the Know is not specific to a particular MLS system but advocates for the industry as a whole

CMLS’s hope that brokers and agents will share the campaign’s message with consumers

Why exclusive listings are not a good look for organized real estate in light of Fair Housing legislation

How listing on the MLS gives sellers the best exposure in a given market

How In the Know assets are designed for brokers, agents and vendors to put to use 

How the Lone Wolf Technologies team is integrating In the Know content into Cloud CMA Live

Katie’s insight around how other vendors might get involved with the In the Know Campaign

Connect with Katie:

Email ksmithson [at] lwolf [dot] com


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CMLS’s In the Know Campaign



CMLS’s Making the Market Work Campaign


NAR MLS Clear Cooperation Policy

The Fair Housing Act

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