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The new Authentisign, built for speed

“Software that’s speedy usually means it’s focused. Like a good tool, it often means that it’s simple, but that’s not necessarily true. Speed in software is probably the most valuable, least valued asset.

Fast Software, the Best Software – Craig Mod

When demos started going around the company of the new Authentisign the above post by Craig Mod is what I thought of. Of course, you can make software faster in different ways, some are super technical and have to do with how the app is architected on the back end, and the other is the design of how the software works. As the saying goes, “making things simple, is hard“.

I’m not an expert in forms software but learning a lot in my new gig. Over 28 million digital signatures were made using Authentisign last year. Which is pretty crazy. They are rolling out the new Authentisign in phases, so customers will get notified in advance when it comes to their market. ZipForm users won’t see this option until next year.

Craig Rowe at Inman News had a good write-up on the release you can read, “Lone Wolf revamps its electronic signature solution, Authentisign.

Previously I had only used DocuSign for sending agreements back and forth. DocuSign is good software, but I prefer the new Authentisign and love the genuine enthusiasm the team of developers at Lone Wolf have for their new baby. Congrats.

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