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Running on crunchy grass

He loves computers, and I guess he considers himself a gamer.  He also likes D&D (he is a “dungeon master” with his friends), he stills plays Minecraft once in a while, and lately has been into Magic the Gathering cards. But the thing I’ve been noticing is he has really been into music.  His taste seems to be in the electronica, mostly a crossover from soundtracks to the games he plays.  I first noticed this when he wanted to go see a live orchestra playing the soundtrack to one of his favorite video games.  “You want to go see live music?  I’m in!”

When we closed our office I had to relocate our studio audio system to my house.  It included a McIntosh integrated amp and turntable.  It’s a pretty sweet setup that W+R’s CFO and resident audiophile Karl Ziegler setup.  One of our devs, Paul Gustafson, build a pretty sweet custom walnut rack made especially for the setup.

At home, I showed him how to turn on the system, how to place a record on the turntable, and how to drop the needle. He watched intently and marveled at the “analog” of it all.

Earlier this week he said he wanted to buy an album of a musician/DJ he liked.  Album?  That means a visit to the record store. I’m in!

As we drove to my local record store (Port of Sound Record Shoppe in Costa Mesa), I walked him around the aisles full of pull out drawers, we let our fingers walk through albums in the bargain racks, and I pointed to the signs hanging from the ceiling, “Rock”, “Punk”, “Blues” and “Electronica”.  His face beamed with excitement when he found the album in one of the drawers. We bought it and started the short drive home.  As we drove I streamed the music of the new album (Nurture) in my car.  He told me about the artist (Porter Robinson), what were his favorite tracks, and told me to listen for the sounds of “running on crunchy grass” and that the music was meant to be “glitchy”, (Gahlord Dewald would approve).  

His excitement and knowledge were contagious. As we talked more about music together I missed the right turn to our neighborhood. So, I headed further down the road and took a right heading north on PCH driving into an orange sunset. Music coming through the speakers and the sound of his voice, not wanting this time with him to end.

He’s my oldest son.  He’ll be a junior in high school next year.  It’s all happening so fast.

  1. MTG: Does he play standard, Commander or both? I taught my kids to play years ago, and they’ve run with. Son is a Commander phenom. Daughter plays in a weekly game with friends.

    D&D: DMing is the way to go! Some of my earliest wins in life came from storytelling and role-playing to a captivated audience of friends through an 8-hour marathon session.

    Music: One of the best pieces of advice I’ve ever heard came from a social worker I happened to overhear at a garage sale some 20 years ago. I still keep the quote close at hand. “You don’t ask kids questions, you listen to their music.” It has served me well.

    Great post.

  2. I feel this one deep in my soul, Greg. As those special times are unfolding, we consciously strive to capture the essence of it all: the sounds, smells, temperature, surroundings. We create an imprint, a vivid, mini-movie in our mind that we can access and replay again and again. I’m sure you’ll play this one on repeat. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Keep loving on that young man.

  3. Love this. All of it. I was reminded of flipping through albums at the record shop one block from my college dorm. It was a wonderful escape and almost always introduced me to new artists playing over the store’s sound system. I may have to dust off some vinyl.

  4. That is a moment that you will hold onto for a long time! Thanks for sharing. One day way too soon he may be cherishing a moment with a son of his own…

  5. Wow…thank you for sharing such a tender, precious and personal experience. Such a great reminder to take pause, smell the roses, and be conscious of just how valuable each day is.

  6. Bryan Ehrenfreund

    Cole’s expression is priceless! Yes, they grow up way too fast. Soon you will be like me an empty nester and wonder how did that happen? Enjoy it while you can my friend!

  7. Thank you for sharing this…the only thing missing was some Church’s Fried Chicken and a Big Red. 😉 Let the music play and the good times roll.

  8. Thanks for sharing Greg. And yes they grow up way too fast. As I am going to marry off my youngest daughter this week. OMG

  9. I felt like I was reading the beginning ​of a novel and wanted to read more.
    Thank you for sharing your heart and this wonderful connection between you and your son. I feel privileged to have a glimpse into your world.

  10. Little Darity started her last year of school yesterday and Delaney is serving in the Marine Corp, stationed in Japan. I remember the picnic we all attended so many years ago and how much beauty we’ve experienced as parents because of those little maniacs. <3

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