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Lone Wolf acquires Propertybase

Lone Wolf, Propertybase, and the ultimate real estate platform

“Our goal is to bring the time-honored tenets of the real estate world into the present with a modern, innovative, and connected technology platform that makes it simpler for people—and the professionals who serve them—to buy and sell homes. Serving over 1.5 million agents, 15,000 brokerages, over 900 MLSs and associations in North America, boasting nearly 650 employees with hundreds of cumulative years of experience, and offering the most trusted solutions in the industry involved in over 75% of all real estate transactions the US and Canada, Lone Wolf is the only company with the reach, size, and technology that can make this happen.”

Chris Egan, Chief Strategy Officer for Lone Wolf

5 acquisitions in 9 months. Unprecedented.

While there is a ton of money out there trying to disrupt traditional brokers and agents, Lone Wolf is doing the opposite, putting all their chips on brokers and agents to win.

I was already a big fan of Propertybase. Cloud CMA was a popular option to include with their standard Bold Leads product and Boston Logic (now Propertybase). Good products and good people.

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