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CMLS 2021 Conference Recap

Yeah, yeah, I know the CMLS Conference was a couple of weeks ago. But I’ve been pretty busy, so I’m just catching up, and I wanted to make sure I recognized a few folks.

First off, big ‘ole hat tip to Denee and the CMLS board of directors for making the decision of making the event hybrid. I’m sure there was a lot to consider but from my perspective, it was a good decision. Walking down the stairs to the pool area and seeing all the people at the Welcome Reception that first night was good for the soul.

I was also happy to see Kathy Condon inducted into the CMLS Hall of Fame. Kathy has had a great career and has given so much of her time to making this industry a better place.

It was also good to see Brian Donnellan recognized as MLS Executive of the year. Bright MLS has not shied away from tough decisions having to do with the Clear Cooperation Policy and conducting studies on the power of the MLS. I anticipate lots of good things to come.

Congrats to both Kathy and Brian.

Canopy MLS was recognized as a “Champion of the MLS” for its execution of the In the Know Campaign. I think they got the coolest trophy.

And last but not least, Cloud CMA was recognized as “The Business Partner and Vendor Champion of MLS”. We had a really fun time putting this together at Lone Wolf but were still surprised by this recognition.

I only wish the conference was longer (although my liver might not agree with me) so I could spend time with more people. My thanks again to CMLS.

  1. My liver agrees with your liver. “Go Hard Every Night” was fun, but I think i’m ready to go back to the old rule, lol.

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