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CoreLogic renames Matrix, Trestle, and Realist. Nobody knows why.

  • CoreLogic Listing Management Platform (Matrix™)
  • CoreLogic Property Insights Platform (Realist®)
  • CoreLogic Property Data Marketplace (Trestle™)

Rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it?

  1. I work for Corelogic and I named my dog, “dog” and my cat, “cat.” I’m all about efficiency.

  2. Apparently no one at CoreLogic has read this book. Complexity seems to have won the day in this instance.

    Ken Segall
    Insanely Simple: The Obsession That Drives Apple’s Success

  3. Sounds like CL wanted to have all of it’s MLS customers that has spent millions on marketing material, training material, training classes, platform branding, etc. to have to do it all over again, while also confusing the public on what the names mean, as an example, a platform that gives your MLS data away is now called “defender” (i.e. Trestle), but the platform that protects the MLS data and manages data compliance, the listing data checker, is NOT called Defender! There is zero sense in this change, and now MLSs will be spending a ton of time, resources, money and education out to its members to try and explain what the heck these new product names are, and we all know how agents LOVE CHANGE and NEVER CALL Customer Support when MLSs change! 🙂

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