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San Diego 2015

Just like any startup, W+R Studios had a ping pong table at our Main Street office in Huntington Beach.  I was pretty good, a few others in our office were decent but by far the best ping pong player we had was our CFO, Karl Ziegler.  Karl lived in Boulder CO, but would visit the office about twice a quarter.  Nobody could beat Karl.

We were brainstorming one year about what we could do to attract attention to our booth at the upcoming NAR Annual Expo in San Diego (this was 2015) and either Shane or Damon came up with the idea of having a contest for agents to come to our booth and try to beat Karl at ping pong for a free subscription to the Cloud Agent Suite.  I thought it was brilliant!  So thus the “BEAT KARL” campaign began.  We did mock video interviews with Karl, a workout routine video, and a walk-on video for the booth. I had so much fun putting the campaign together.

Karl was a good sport (although he hated the white shorts I picked out for him) and I think his record at the end of the show was something insane like 93 -4.  Below is a video reel we put together for Karl for a farewell dinner we hosted for him when he left Lone Wolf earlier this year. The mock interview in the middle is hilarious.

Looking forward to seeing everyone this week.

If you are reading this Karl. Love you man. #MLKLLG

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