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CRMLS launches new venture fund

California Regional MLS launches venture fund, invests in Perchwell

“We’ve been able to meet their expectations by working with technology providers in the same way other MLSs do. However, the massive investments in the real estate technology space over the past two years have meant that expectations are much higher from both our users and the consumers they work with. Not only has the quality of products increased, but outside interests – including competing ones – are gaining greater control over the technology our users engage with most.”

Super bold move by CRMLS and their board of directors. Perchwell is super interesting. Maybe they can succeed where others (🦒) have failed.

Venture Capital is a numbers game, you have to spread a lot of money over several companies and hope one of them (at least) makes it big. You can’t put all your eggs in one basket. So I’m really curious about the other companies CRMLS is looking at currently into. I might even have a few recommendations.

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