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Frances Wiseman joins Sisu

Frances Wiseman

I know what you are thinking; why is everyone leaving you Greg?

For those of you who don’t know Frances, she was our Director of Marketing at W+R Studios. She started with us in 2012, I believe we had less than 10 people at the time.  She was also a big factor in W+R’s success.  While Katie managed all the Enterprises sales, Frances managed a huge part of the agent sales along with company marketing. 

If you love W+R’s t-shirts, then you have Frances to thank. 

She had the almost impossible job of making all my crazy ideas come to life.

Did you order the Mariachis yet?

I think we need more dry ice.

Can we double our order of balloons?

I want to dress Karl up like Bjorn Borg.

I want to turn our office into a speakeasy, can you pull that off?

Yes, she did.

It was also great to see her grow, build a team and lead some of W+R’s awesome events.  I can say that all of us had some fun times together. Here’s an example:

Frances had taken on a smaller role at Lone Wolf, but I knew she was anxious to get back to something she could sink her teeth in too, so while I’m sad to see her leave I know she was ready for a new a challenge.  She has joined the team at Sisu, where she is the Director of Growth Marketing. I hope they realize what a rockstar they have hired.

Thank you Frances. I hope to see “Travel Frances” soon.

  1. Many interesting things happen on acquisition anniversaries.

    Congratulations to those that are moving on to new challenges and Happy Anniversary to those that are staying put.

    I can’t believe it’s been a year already.

    What other acquisition anniversaries are coming up?

    Inman in July 2022
    ShowingTime October 2022 (or is it January?)

  2. Awww thank you Greg. This warms my heart. And I appreciate you not using the headshot from day 1 at W+R – I know that was always a favorite 🤣

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