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“The Waldorf please!”

It’s the holiday season and a lot of us are spending time with our families. During this time my thoughts think back to my father and how much I miss him.

A few months ago I was up visiting my family in the Seattle area. One of the reasons was to help my sister clear out some files my Dad had. It’s been over 11 years since he passed but a lot of his stuff we haven’t touched. It was tough, we shared a few tears going through everything. He seemed to keep everything. Postcards, photos, software manuals, and tons of letters. One of the letters caught my eye because it was from me. I wrote it to him and my stepmom Linda (and Lady and Jaxon, their two dogs) on one of my first trips to New York City. I believe it was a RIS Media event. I love that he kept it.

I think those of us that travel a lot for work love some of the experiences we have on the road. Reading this letter brought me back to the feeling of being a “big shot” and wanting to share my experiences with my Dad. There are so many other experiences since he passed that I wish I could share with him now.

Hope you enjoy it (I’ve transcribed it since it’s on two pages and my awful cursive handwriting).

Dear Dad and Linda,
Greetings from New York City!! I’m staying at the Waldorf Astoria, which I’ve only heard about in movies.  A real estate technology conference is being held here.  When I got here on Sunday, at the airport, I had fun telling the cab driver, “The Waldorf please!”  I thought I sounded like a real big shot!   Anyway the hotel is very “swanky”, and when I saw they had hotel stationery in my room I couldn’t resist to write your both a letter.
 Last night we went to a Jazz Club called “The Iridium”. Les Paul was playing his electric guitar, which is fitting since he invented it.  He played mostly old standards and my friends and I had a really good time.  I only wish Jenn was here because she would have enjoyed the show too.
 But Jenn has bigger problems, our new boy Cole!! I brought a bunch of pictures with me but I really am missing him.  He is so adorable.  Pictures don’t do him justice!!
 Well gotta go, my flight back leaves at 2:00 PM today.  I miss you both.  Give Lady and Jaxon a kiss for me.
 Love Greg.

If your Dad is still alive give him a hug and tell him that you love him. Happy Holidays everyone.

  1. Love this, Greg. Thanks for sharing. Glad you were able to get that time with your sister. Definitely hit home for me now that I have a 6-month old at home and will be heading to NYC in a few short weeks! Hope to see you there. Happy Holidays!

  2. I love this and that your dad kept it!!! I bet he was so proud of you when he got this letter. I remember a similar feeling when I went to Inman the first time. I remember thinking, the day my company thinks I’m valuable enough to send to Inman will be a huge point in my life! The first time I went was because one of the execs scheduled to go got sick the week before, and I took his spot….but I’ll take it!!! I try to remember that feeling all the time. All the very best to you (and everyone that reads your blog!!) and I look forward to seeing everyone in person next year!

  3. Thank you for sharing this lovely letter! My grandmother and I always exchanged letters and I miss them so much. After her passing, I still sent cards to my grandfather who wasn’t much for letter-writing (except a note at Christmas). I wish more people sent cards during the holidays. It means so much to receive more than sales flyers in the mail. I love all of the beautiful memories of old cards and letters. Keep up the good work!

  4. Love, love, love this! I love imaging how he must have enjoyed getting this letter and maybe re-reading it when he would randomly come across it.

  5. Amazing! Love this kind of stuff! I have letters from my great granpa writing my great grandma while he was riding his horse in Montana as a cowboy. Family – it’s all that matters.

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