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Pro Tip: Working With Real Estate Data course

I wanted to highlight a new course that was put together by the folks at RESO (Real Estate Standards Organization). Here’s what they say about it:

“Your staff and leadership are changing, and you’re making new technology decisions every year. Keep your entire team’s technology knowledge current with RESO’s Working With Real Estate Data course. The Business Module is a non-technical industry primer for understanding organizations, rules, processes and technology systems affecting real estate data.

This course is an ideal opportunity for bringing new staff members and incoming leadership up to speed. Multiple organizations are onboarding all new employees with this course, just released in 2021. Brokers, MLS employees, association staff members, and technology developers can all grow their knowledge of the industry through the WWRED Business Module.

Empower your team to earn their RED-B designation today. Visit reso.org/wwred to register or contact randi@reso.org for bulk registration pricing.

I just started taking the course myself and was super impressed. You also get this cool “RED-B” certification when you pass the course. To find out more click on this link ==> RESO Education Course: Working With Real Estate Data (WWRED)

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