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Industry Relations Episode 68: Privacy Concerns Around Real Estate Data

Who owns the data associated with a house?

As it stands right now, the listing broker is in control. But what if a buyer doesn’t want a floor plan or 3-D walkthrough of their new home available online? 

There is growing public concern around data privacy in big tech, yet few are talking about how this translates to the real estate industry.

On this episode of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg sit down to discuss the complexities around who owns real estate data, considering whether homeowners should have ownership rights to the data for their property.

They explain the current privacy laws around street photography and explore the expectation of privacy in public records—including MLS databases.

Listen in to understand how privacy policies might impact different players in the real estate space and learn how to think about who should own property data once the SOLD sign goes up.

What‘s Discussed: 

The ruling in the VHT v. Zillow case re: copyright in real estate photography

Who currently owns the data about a house and why it’s such a complex issue

Whether homeowners have ownership rights to the data for their property

The safety concerns associated with making property data available online (for buyers and sellers)

The current laws around photography and privacy

The expectation of privacy around public records and Rob’s take on why the MLS is not a private platform

How Apple’s App Tracking Transparency policy impacts real estate vendors

How privacy policies might affect Compass’ business plan

How we rely on open data to value homes 

How the privacy issues surrounding big tech might translate to real estate

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