Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

About that CoStar article…

Inside the mass exodus at CoStar, real estate’s biggest data firm, where 29 current and former staffers say the company surveilled and humiliated them

“Last April, an executive at the real-estate data powerhouse CoStar held a video meeting to discuss the lingering difficulties of integrating a rival firm it had purchased two years earlier.

“You’re doing a shit job,” Lisa Ruggles, a senior vice president of global analytics, research, and news, told dozens of employees on the call, according to a manager who attended the meeting and still works for CoStar. Another former manager at CoStar who was on the call backed up this person’s account.

Ruggles, who is widely considered the second-in-command to the company’s president and CEO, Andrew Florance, went on to suggest that employees had been working in bed and lounging in their pajamas all day.

Business Insider – PAYWALL

I think there are a lot of things wrong with this article. You don’t know how wide-spread these issues are, they might just be a few dis-gruntled employees. Although I did check, and their Glassdoor score is super low.

But, the main thing I walked away with are reading this article is that it makes Andy Florance look like a kook.

I think one big thing Mr. Florance and others need to understand is this: They are not coming back. I’ll say it again, they are not coming back. If your work environment doesn’t allow WFH, you are going to lose, period.

With the business model I heard previewed in Scottsdale and their stock price taking a beating, they might want to re-think hiring a music act for next year’s NAR Annual Conference.

They should think about hiring a magician.

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