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Lion & Orb launch +AdStudio

Real estate PR firm Lion & Orb roars into paid digital marketing with +AdStudio

“We realized early on that when we would secure media placements for clients, we needed a tool to promote those articles that featured their products and services quickly, for an extended period of time as a sales tool,” said Audie Chamberlain, founder of Lion & Orb, in a statement. “With +AdStudio, we have really connected those dots, making digital advertising easy, cost-effective, and efficient to execute.”

Super smart. I think a lot of companies don’t know what to do once they get some publicity. Sure you can share on your personal and company social media but this takes it to a new level. And that’s just one of many use cases. I know that Audie has been working on this for a while. I’m super happy to see this launch. Congrats to Audio and the team at Lion & Orb.

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