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Industry Relations Episode 71: Creating the Bloomberg of Real Estate

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On episode 71 of Industry Relations, Rob and Greg talk about creating the “Bloomberg of Real Estate,” with special guest David Blum. David Blum is the co-founder of ‘Plunk’ where they are working to bring the next generation, real-time analytics platform to residential real estate. What does the future of this prop-tech company hold for the real estate industry? Rob Han and Greg Robertson are your hosts for the re-launch premiere of the Industry Relations podcast! Learn more about David Blum and the exciting work they’re doing for the future of residential real estate at www.getplunk.com.

What’s Discussed:  

What’s Plunk’s value proposition?

How many vendors are trying to solve the home value proposition?

How Plunk gets “ground truth” on the valuation of a home.

Creating the ticker tape of the price of a home

What is the definition of accuracy?

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