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It’s 1967, your MLS system is calling…

by Greg Robertson on March 25th, 2022

Great find by Sara Bonert!

This is one of 3 videos in a series of getting the old Realtron system working. If you are reading this Travis I would love to interview you for my podcast.

Anyone watching the “Severance” on Apple TV will love this hardware design aesthetic.

But, this MLS Vendor video is still one of my favorites.

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  1. Stephanie Hill permalink

    Love this I remember and I still have quite a few books from the 80’s and I remember the terminal with the phone we called it the big green monster on thermal paper that would fade in the hot Las Vegas sun. LOL

  2. Rex Marr permalink

    Any time 954 295-7912

  3. Rex would know – and how true about the paper – we used to be accused of being in the paper business when the paper would fade in Florida sun.

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