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Industry Relations Podcast – ICYMI

Rob Hahn and I have been stepping up our podcast game this year. We have been pretty consistent uploading one episode a week since the first week of January. If you haven’t checked out our latest episodes you find them on your favorite podcast player.

I mentioned recently that we also launched a YouTube channel as well. Here are some of my favorites recently:

Marge vs. Brenda
Rob and I discuss how agents are still undefeated in the proptech wars.

When the asteroid hits
What will it take for CoStar (Homes.com and Homesnap) to win? Turns out it might be something catastrophic.

Wall Streets take on Online Real Estate with John Campbell
John Campbell is a super smart guy, with Stephens, a research company focused on covering real estate for Wall Street. Great discussion about why proptech/real estate stocks are down, and why he thinks the acquisitions of Homes.com and Homesnap are Andy Florance’s side bet against the MLS industry as we know it.


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Hope you enjoy the conversations!

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