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Has REX Homes finally ceased operations?

“Numerous staff reached out to us directly to indicate the company’s last day was Tuesdayand that a companywide call on Friday outlined the end of REX Homes. While the entity of the brokerage still exists, we are told there are no longer offices, staff, leadership, or agents.

Staff at the Austin, TX and Woodland Hills, CA offices (both in Texas) have confirmed that as of today, the doors are literally closed. It is unclear what REX’s plans are for wrapping up any current contracts that haven’t closed.”

As litigious as REX has been in the past something tells me this story is far from over.

  1. Everyone loves a unicorn, but you could see this from ten miles away. I was always very suspicious of their magic formula for marketing homes. My guess is their secret formula was marketing their listings on Zillow. Their whole business model was fanciful at best. And I’m being extremely kind. It always seemed to me that the company was founded with a constant ax to grind and that its inability to gain traction was always someone else’s fault.

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