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REX shuts down, hires David Boies in lawsuit

REX closes brokerage, hires David Boies in Zillow lawsuit

“An email sent by Steve Dawson, REX’s chief compliance officer, to the company’s salaried agents Thursday afternoon read: “Starting immediately, please transfer your license over to a new brokerage of your choice. This needs to be completed by day’s end tomorrow.” The note bolded “day’s end.”

Nice scoop from Real Trends. Boies‘ latest clients include Theranos, Harvey Weinstein, and accusers against Jeffery Epstein.

  1. Well, David Boies equals damage control. Can I also say media whore. So goes the Sour Grapes Brokerage do path of the PurpleBricks road. No Land of Oz in sight. What you say? Hit the road Jack! And don’t you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.

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