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Industry Relations Podcast: Why we should give Sam DeBord and RESO an axe

On this week’s episode of Industry Relations Greg and Rob welcome Sam DeBord, CEO of RESO,  to the show as they dig deep into data standards and why Sam needs an axe! The guys talk about how to survive week-long conferences as it is officially convention season in America. They talk with Sam about MLS, Web API, RESO, brokers and vendors, and much more!  Watch us on YouTube or listen on your favorite podcast player or just click below.

  1. Great podcast. A few comments regarding the questions asked can be found here: https://twitter.com/joshuadarnell/status/1527294228706996239

    Certification alone doesn’t guarantee interoperability. Different providers support different data sets and RESO doesn’t tell them how to do their business, just recognizes what they support.

    Markets and providers are different, data consumers want to know where things align.

    Why not have a “national” MLS? For one, because real estate is local. Something one system would probably try to do, for efficiency, is to try to make everything look the same. But it doesn’t, the market is diverse. Supporting localization is hard. Also, would reduce competition.

    Why alignment tools? Because the industry looks like this. Postal code heat indicates the distinct number of providers and “point heat” shows each MLS and distinct standard fields they have. This is not a bad thing, but they should align where they overlap and don’t currently. (See twitter thread above for photo).

    How to speed up the approval process? One idea: generate sandbox data sets from certification analytics and create a space for each provider to test and review their product during the approval process without the risks that go along with using live data, IP, permissions, etc.

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