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Lone Wolf announces a new form editor for zipForm

Meet your new forms editor in Transactions

“The new forms editor introduces several intelligent and intuitive features, giving agents and brokers everything they need to prepare and send forms faster than ever. With a new and improved workspace, you can auto-fill out forms, fill out multiple forms at once, mark up documents, add and personalize clauses, and quickly add signers and property information. “

Great update for all those local and state associations that re-signed with zipForm. Internally we have been calling this “Forms 4.0”, but if I got to pick a code name I would call it “Speed Demon”. And I think Dan Fortin and the product team at Lone Wolf have really knocked it out of the park.

“Speed Demon,” you say? Yes, this new updated skeuomorphic design is all about speed. The new workspace allows the user to fill out multiple fields at once and see transaction info, contact details, offer info, and much more—in one place. No more switching back and forth between forms. And leveraging some cool AI tools it auto-populates info from existing parties, listings, and offers forms. It even makes suggestions based on past transactions. All of this will reduce the time agents need to fill out forms.

The new forms editor also works perfectly with Authentisign.

Lone Wolf is rolling this out on a market-by-market basis. Once it is launched in a market agents will be given the choice of using the new editor or the current editor. Over time this option will go away.

So what about TransactionDesk users? Most likely this won’t be available to TD users until next year (I can’t believe it’s June already).

To see the new forms editor in action check out the video at the end of this post from Lone Wolf.

  1. Love the new UI/UX! It would be really cool to have that same experience on the desktop version. Being a Mac user, UI/UX is a premium thing for me. I know it sounds old-school to use a desktop app but not really. It’s a matter of workflow. One on the dock and I’m in!

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