Where Real Estate Gets Its Dirt

Inman tackles real estate lawsuits

Andrea Brambila of Inman News is covering the current lawsuits plaguing the industry right now…

This is the first part in a week-long series examining the high stakes and potential impact of two closely watched federal lawsuits — the so-called Moehrl and Sitzer cases — taking direct aim at how homebuyers pay commissions. Check back on Wednesday for the plaintiffs’ case for class-action status in the far larger Moehrl lawsuit, and on Thursday, Inman dives into the real-world impact these cases could have on millions of real estate agents.

Below are links to the first and second installments. Andrea does a great job of breaking down what’s been happening (based on recently released documents) and from the looks of it will dive deeper into what the consequences may bring.

‘Radical’ and ‘doomed’: The case against the ‘bombshell’ Moehrl suit

‘Longstanding conspiracy’: Why the bombshell commission suit matters

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