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Strange bedfellows

Zillow and Opendoor team up to provide cash offers to consumers

“Opendoor offers will be available on Zillow, and customers will be able to use the service as a standalone offering or package it with other Zillow home shopping services such as financing, closing and agent selection,” the statement adds. “Additionally, Zillow customers will be able to work with a licensed Zillow advisor who will serve as a helpful guide in understanding these options.”

Got back from Inman Connect Las Vegas and my head is still spinning. And it’s not because of the Tanqueray and Tonics.

Back in the day I was skeptical when the rumors were being floated that Zillow was buying Trulia (they were fierce rivals) and now this news. Rich Barton, Zillow’s co-founder, and current CEO once called Opendoor an “existential threat” to Zillow, and then proceed to get into the iBuying business with Zillow Offers. Then Zillow promptly exited the iBuying business, and now less than a year later has partnered with Opendoor to handle iBuying for the portal.

“Strong opinions, loosely held”?

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